Sunday, March 6, 2011

Suzanne Somers praise for Kathryn's new book "The Women's Guide to Thyroid Health"

"Misdiagnosis is rampant in today's world. Maybe you don't have MS, maybe you don't have bladder problems, maybe you don't have arthritis, or chronic fatigue, or neuropathy…maybe it's your thyroid!   So many are being treated for diseases they don't have. In today's world you have to do your own research. The 'Women's Guide to Thyroid Health' is the most informative, thorough guide to understanding the thyroid you will ever read.  Discover why you are not feeling well. Kathy Simpson has done the work, you will be the beneficiary. This is the best book explaining the thyroid that I have ever read."

-Suzanne Somers

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Anita said...

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